Water Parks

Water Features by Design is a name synonymous with quality, innovation and exceptional customer service in the design and construction of interactive water parks. Since commencing business in 2003, we have grown into one of the leading water feature specialists in Western Australia, with more than 2000 commercial and residential projects to our name.

We are a recognised leader in the field with a reputation for excellence and commitment to client satisfaction. Each water park is individually designed to suit client needs with all components manufactured locally here in Western Australia which helps keep costs down and allows us to offer a greater degree of flexibility in the design and theming of each spray park.

We personally oversee each project from design to completion with after-sales training in water park management and maintenance as part of the service, and as a WALGA Preferred Supplier, WA Councils and Shires can directly contract Water Features by Design to design and install a water park without the need to tender. Click for a brochure.





Water parks use less water and fewer chemicals than a public swimming pool and negate the need for a lifeguard. They are also easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and help promote health and wellbeing in the community.

Each interactive park is designed by Company Director, Tony Jones, in conjunction with a team of highly qualified mechanical and structural engineers, who personally oversees each project from design to completion. His local knowledge and past experience ensures that each project is completed on time and budget.

Unlike other offerings on the market, our water park components are locally manufactured in WA to the highest standards, which helps keep costs down and provide more flexibility. Each water park is tailored to client specifications and compliant with WA Health Department regulations.

Given their safe and customised design, these water parks are suitable for installation at many locations including:

Each water playground is custom designed with a number of standard features included such as:

The design possibilities are endless and we pride ourselves on being able to offer a truly unique and purpose-built application for each client be it locally, interstate or abroad.

Call for details or an appointment on 0403 805 229 or Email tony@waterfeaturesbydesign.com.au.